8950 8-port Gigabit Extension DSLAM

Provides 8 ports of Gigabit Ethernet Extension up to 12,000 feet (3.6km) over existing telephone or Category rated cabling.

Ideal for providing Internet access to multi-unit properties like Hotels, outdoor camps, Office complexes, Apartments, Campus Dormitories, Ski Resorts, Stadiums, Shopping Malls Trailer parks, Marinas and Cruise Ships.

8950 8-port Gigabit Extension DSLAM

The Enable-IT™ 8950 8 Port Gigabit Extended Ethernet DSLAM is a 1-pair Managed solution that drives Ethernet data up to 12,000ft or 3.6km distance over a 1-pair (2 wire) telephone line wiring or better. This speed is suited for deploying the highest bandwidth Internet services into multi-unit dwellings and offices securely with built in encryption.

850 Gigabit CPE Modem

The Enable-IT™ 850 Gigabit Ethernet CPE is designed for use with the Long Distance Enable-IT™ 8-port 8950 or 24-port 8924 Extended Ethernet DSLAM concentrators -encrypted and secure. Leverage any 1-pair of existing or new wiring that is contiguous all the way up to 1.98 Miles (12,000ft) or 3.65km, effectively saving you thousands in labor, administration, and security.