8955 8-port Gigabit PoE Extension DSLAM

Provides 8 ports of Gigabit PoE Ethernet Extension up to 2,500 feet (762m) over existing telephone or Category rated cabling.

Ideal for providing Internet access to multi-unit properties like Hotels, outdoor camps, Office complexes, Apartments, Campus Dormitories, Ski Resorts, Stadiums, Shopping Malls Trailer parks, Marinas and Cruise Ships.

8955 8-port Gigabit PoE Extension DSLAM

The Enable-IT™ 8950 8-port 56V 122W Gigabit Extended PoE DSLAM is a 1-pair Managed solution that drives PoE and Ethernet data past to 3,500ft or 1.06km distance over a 2-pair (4 wire) telephone line wiring or better. This speed is suited for deploying the highest bandwidth Internet services into multi-unit dwellings and offices securely with built in encryption.

870 PoE CPE Modem

The Enable-IT™ 870 Gigabit PoE Ethernet CPE is designed for use with the Long Distance Enable-IT™ 8-port 8955 Extended PoE DSLAM concentrator – encrypted and secure. Leverage any 2-pair of existing or new wiring. If used with the 3400R or 3600R Rackmount PoE Injector and 8955 PoE DSLAM, PoE devices can be deployed up to 5,000ft away.

Rackmount PoE Injectors

If deploying more than 8 PoE Devices on an 8955, we recommend using a rackmount 8 Port High Powered PoE Injectors for delivering 1600W up to 4,000ft away with Ethernet LAN connectivity.
Delivers up to 61W @56V DC 2A per port or 200W @48V DC 8.2A per port. Ideal for installing any PoE enabled WiFi Wireless Access Point, Security camera or other PoE powered equipment.