How do I connect two routers together with an Ethernet Extender? (1 post)

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    Routers or switches can be connected together easily as all our Ethernet Extender kits are transparent to the LAN. Enable-IT Ethernet Extender kits will extend any Ethernet signals regardless of ISO higher layer protocols. Enable-IT Ethernet Extenders operate at a lower ISO model layer so it doesn’t matter if the Ethernet signaling is IBM SNA, Digital DECnet, IP, IPX, NetBios, etc.

    You first need to figure out how the routers/switches will talk to each other on respective ports. Some routers such as Linksys, D-Link, Netgear have a WAN port. Typically one router will be setup as a master router offering DHCP IP addressing to clients. Make sure the second router or others are not offering DHCP as well.

    To attach an Ethernet Extender kit, on the second router, you may need a Ethernet Cross-Over cable in order to make a physical link. See example below using an Enable-IT 860 Kit.

    Internet —– Linksys A —– 860=====860 —– Linksys B —– LAN

    1) Figure out how Linksys to Linksys works (What ports will connect to bridge) On Linksys A the Internet has to be in the WAN port.
    Linksys B needs to have it’s WAN port connected to a LAN port of Linksys A (The 860 kit is transparent, therefore you will need to see what patch cord will work to get an 860 to connect to the Linksys B WAN port correctly) – you may need a crossover cable to make it work properly.

    2) Leave the 860 connected to Linksys A LAN port on a standard Ethernet patch cord.
    Internet —– Linksys A —– 860=====860 —– Linksys B xxxx LAN

    —– = Ethernet patch cord       xxxx = Ethernet Crossover cable