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Made in the USA

Ethernet Extension Experts PoE-enabled Ethernet Extenders FEATURED in Security Dealer & Integrator Magazine.

Going the Distance with PoE: PoE-Enabled ethernet extenders change the game for IP-based security installations
(a project profile).
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Made in the USA

Made in the USA with quality and pride - We are the only manufacturer to do so in this industry.

Ethernet Extension Experts has kept all it's engineering, design and manufacturing operations in the USA despite the opportunities to leverage lower cost production and assembly overseas. We firmly stand behind our product quality, our US supply chain and most importantly our commitment to our staff and customers.

PoE IP Camera for security

New Updated Dual LAN 865 Kit - Ideal for installing self powered PoE IP devices - February 2009

The Enable-IT™ 865 Single-Line Ethernet Extender Kit is the world’s only available solution to deliver Voice, Data and PoE in a combined package that exceeds the IEEE distance limitations for all Ethernet equipment and 802.3af PoE. These extenders drive the reach of Ethernet to more than (7.7) seven times the typical Ethernet distance. 1,500ft/458m distance if using the PoE power to drive up to a 24v PoE device or 2,500ft/762m distance if using the PoE power standalone for the remote 865 CPE device only and LAN2 output for data/voice.

Same Day Free Shipping

Free Shipping Policy announced - December 2008

Ethernet Extension Experts announces a new global shipping policy designed to simplify the expediting of customer orders and provide greater value over any competitor for our superior products. Straightforward Same Day Free Shipping for all domestic US orders is now available as the default and simple flat rate expedited services are optional. See the specific details here Free Shipping


New Ultra fast MultiPort Ethernet DSLAM Solutions Announced - Ideal for MxU - January 2009

Ethernet Extension Experts today announced the release of the 8900 series of 100Mbps Full Duplex multi port Ethernet DSLAMs. Digital subscriber line access multiplexers (DSLAMs) transform existing copper wiring into a new generation of high-speed networks capable of delivering a range of revenue-generating triple and quadruple-play services. By leveraging the existing copper infrastructure, these pieces of central office equipment enable low-cost deployment of video on demand, high-speed Internet access and low-cost voice over IP services.

Local Europe Stock

European customers get local UK stock and support. - November 2008

Our valued European customers now hove the option for receiving local EU technical support and in region sales stock delivery from a number of number of dedicated distributors. This regional support and stock serves all countries in Europe and Africa continents.