Wireless Ethernet Extension Solutions (WiFi)

Enable-IT has been a long term global supplier for Wireless Ethernet and Extension solutions used in wireless LANs for over 21 years in 17 countries. Built on a worldwide brand recognition for it's innovative best in class and cost effective solutions for Telco carrier, residential and hospitality HSIA operations, Enable-IT offers simplified Wireless Extension Technology. Our product offerings are Plug and Play with Zero configuration setup for most all installations. Custom configurations and radios can be provided on request.

Our wireless solutions include antennas, amplifiers, cabling, mobile (Cellular HSDPA and EVDO) and Access points - Powered or POE (Power Over Ethernet). We also have Un-powered PoE Extenders that make it very simple a plug and go installation of your PoE WiFi Access Point or IP Camera. Kits like the Enable-IT 865 PoE extender drive your power and data remotely up to 1,500ft for a self contained WiFi AP.

Wireless 802.11x WiFi extension can be accomplished through specialized amplifiers or boosters that provide for longer range and superior performance using off the shelf RF radios. Our wireless extension kits can be applied to existing wireless gear in between your radio and antenna. Our products can support a range of radios from Cisco Systems to generic OEM brands as long as you can detach the exiting antenna. The product range of Wireless Extenders kits offered by Enable-IT provide for Wireless AP extension (Bridging), POE (Power over Ethernet) apps, POS (Point of Sale) apps and general LAN extension.

WiFi Access Points WiFi Routers

Standalone and PoE Enabled for Hotspots
These Access Point / Routers and extremely robust and compact units that offer superior functionality.

8440 PoE Access Point Router

Wireless Extender Kits (Amplifiers, Boosters, Range Extenders)

External units that attach to your existing WiFi equipment through cabling or innovative WiFi signal.

WiFi Amplifier Kit

WiFi Antenna Solutions

Enable-IT offers superior and innovative WiFi antenna configurations to increase your WiFi coverage and performance.

Wireless Antennas

Wireless Backbone Solutions

Wireless (WiFi) Ethernet Backbone Solutions.

Quickly deploy 150Mbps infrastructure where you need it.

Wireless Backbone Solutions