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Enable-IT 2 Watt 2.4GHz WiFi Amplifier/Booster

This is a 2 Watt 2.4 GHz 802.11g bi-directional amplifier designed for outdoor use and includes a 48v Power-Over-Ethernet (PoE) injector. The Amplifier has a built in PoE splitter that allows for powering the Amplifier and one additional RJ-45 PoE device such as a WiFi radio or Access Point.2W 2.4GHz Outdoor WiFi Amplifier/Booster    This RF amplifier is compatible with IEEE 802.11 (B/G/N) wireless LAN equipment and supports the 108Mbit/sec "Turbo Mode" radio feature found in many common brands of WiFi equipment.

The Active Power Control circuitry and firmware monitors the amplifier's output power and automatically adjusts to provide maximum output power regardless of cable length. This kit is ideal for indoor use, however it can be protected for outdoor use.  The included PoE injector features integral lightning and surge protection individually protects the 4 data lines as well as protection for the power lines.   The PoE injector allows for the installation of the Amplifier up to 328ft away from your LAN & power source and Enable-IT can provide PoE Extender & Ethernet extender kits to meet your distance needs.

This kit is bundled with our PoE injector as this amplifier is only compatible with it and the amplifier will provide an additional PoE Out port for your PoE equipment.   This unique feature of a built-in PoE allows the WiFi amplifier to draw it's power from the same CAT5 cable used to pass Data and allow for an additional PoE device, simplifying your installation and costs.

A typical configuration would be to place this wireless amplifier near your Access Point/radio with a short coax segment from the output of your AP/radio to the male N-Type (RX) Receive connector and cable a Ethernet patch cord from the PoE out to the AP/Radio PoE/Data in.  This kit includes a custom Cisco PoE patch cord for use with Cisco branded Access Points/Radios (Converts IEEE 802.3af standard PoE pinout to Cisco standard).

Enable-IT WiFi PoE Amplifier
Product Features
  • Simplified installation leveraging Built-In PoE and providing 1 additional PoE port for your WiFi radio/AP or IP Camera.
  • Strong 2 Watt output, 33 dBm Transmit Gain and 17 db Receive - without adding antenna. Antenna type will add additional db gain.
  • Solid die cast Aluminum Construction for durability, protection and heat dissipation.
  • IEEE Standards Compliant. The 2 Watt PoE WiFi amplifier complies with the IEEE 802.11 (B/G/N) specifications for Wireless LANs.
  • PoE injector Enable-IT 350 eliminates the need for multiple power sources. Single power for amplifier and radio/AP all in one.
  • Native PoE support for use any standalone PoE injector Enable-IT 350 or up to 1,500ft. with an Enable-IT 865 PoE kit
Product Specifications
  • Power
       48v Power over Ethernet Injector with country specific AC cord included.
  • Connectors
       Amplifier - Dual N-Type male coax
       PoE In and PoE Out ports
       Optional direct DC power jack
  • Network Interface
       Ethernet: RJ-45 Standard 10/100 Base-TX autosensing.
  • Dimensions
     Height 1.8" (46mm)  Depth 2.14" (61mm)  Width 6" (147mm)
  • Environment
       Operational Temperature : -13°F to 160°F (-25°to 70°C)
       Humidity: 5% to 95%, non-condensing
Product Highlights
  • Rapid installation leveraging your existing SMA WIFi AP/Radio and SMA detachable antenna.
  • Strong 2W output, 33 dBm Transmit, 17 dBm Receive gain.
  • Solid cast Aluminum construction for durability, protection and heat dissipation.
  • Ideal for HotSpots or Home use.
  • Pricing ($499) - Kit contains the following:
    (1) (1) 2 Watt 2.4GHz Outdoor WiFi PoE Amplifier.
    (1) (1) 48VDC PoE Injector w/ country specific AC power adapter.
    (1) N-Female Coax pigtail to (MMCX, RP-SMA, RP-TNC,N-Male,MCX, MC or U.FL).
    (1) Cisco PoE pigtail cable for Cisco AP/Radio support.
    Free Same Day shipping included
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