Wireless Extender Kits (Amplifiers/Boosters/Range Extenders)

Enable-IT has been a long term global supplier for bi-directional WiFi RF amplifiers used in wireless LANs for over 20 years. Our amplifier kits deliver significant improvement in operating range and performance for your existing WiFI radios by leveraging low-noise receiving and a high transmit power amplifiers.

Our WiFi amplifier kits are PoE enabled (Power over Ethernet) and are available from 500mw to 25 Watts. They feature an Active Power Control which monitors the amplifier's output power and automatically adjusts to provide maximum output power regardless of cable length. Ideal for indoor or outdoor use.

Our built-in PoE interface on the amplifiers allows for the amplifier to receive its power via the included 48v PoE injector and the amplifier an additional PoE RJ-45 port for powering your WiFi Access Point or Other POE capable devices.

Enable-IT Wireless Ethernet Extension amplifiers provide for longer range, high-speed data and voice communication links between separated LANs or LAN devices. The product range of Wireless Extenders offered by Enable-IT are typically deployed in Commercial, Residential, and Hospitality HSIA environments. They provide solutions for Wireless AP extension (Bridging), POE (Power over Ethernet) apps, POS (Point of Sale) apps and general LAN extension.

1W Indoor WiFi Kit

12VDC adapter, SMA-Female - Extend your indoor range up to 1,500ft

1W 2.4GHz Indoor WiFi Amplifier/Booster

1W Outdoor WiFi Kit

PoE powered, N-Female - Ideal for POE and WiFi AP - Our most popular WiFi extender

1W 2.4GHz WiFi Amplifier/Booster

2W Outdoor WiFi Kit

PoE powered, N-Female - Ideal for POE and WiFi AP - Strongest Amp available - Export USA only

2W 2.4GHz Outdoor WiFi Amplifier/Booster

Wireless WiFi Repeater

Wall plug WiFi Repeater- Ideal for extending any weak WiFi signal indoors where you need to

Wireless WiFi Repeater