How to run another Ethernet extension from the same origin

Point-to-Point and PoE Ethernet Extension Kits – Designed and Made in the USA

Backbone Solutions – Highest throughput extenders in the industry!      Don’t risk your Business on anything else.

The most popular Ethernet Extension Solutions we offer are our “point to point” solutions. Enable-ITs “point to point” Ethernet Extension kits provide for longer range, the highest-throughput data, native PoE support and voice communication links between separated LANs or LAN devices (i.e. VoIP phones, WiFi APs, IP cameras and more).

Enable-IT 820 Pro Series Enable-IT 828 Series Enable-IT 865 Pro Series Enable-IT 860 Pro Series Enable-IT WP Series

Ethernet Extenders are plug-and-play modules that install quickly on your existing copper (twisted-pair or telephone wire) network infrastructure. Simple and effective, our point to point Ethernet Extenders will enable you to have Ethernet connectivity where none previously existed at a fraction of the cost of fiber. Perfect for Commercial Buildings, Residential Units, Hospitality (HSIA) environments … anywhere where it is practical to extend Ethernet beyond the general IEEE 802.3 limits of 328ft / 100m).

Product LAN Ports
In x Out
Max Throughput      Max Distance Wiring

1 2 3 4
820 PRO Series 1 x 1 15 Mbps 1,600 ft 487m yes PoE included 820P
828 Series 1 x 2 1,000 Mbps 2,000 ft 600m yes PoE+ included
860 PRO Series 4 x 4 100 Mbps 1.13mi / 6,000 ft 1.83km yes yes Supported
865 PRO Series 4 x 4 100 Mbps 3,500 ft 1.06km yes yes yes PoE+ included
868 PRO 4 x 4 100 Mbps 1,500 ft 458m yes PoE+ included


Professional Grade Ethernet Extenders
The Global “Gold Standard” in Ethernet Extenders since 1997. Delivers 100Mbps Ethernet to over one Mile (1.83 km) away using any copper or coaxial cable.
Designed & Made in the USA !

Enable-IT 860 PRO 100Mbps Full Duplex Ethernet Extender Kit

Professional Grade
PoE Extenders

Long Reach, High Power PoE and Ethernet for installing PoE IP devices. Drive Ethernet with 48V, 56V or 90V PoE up to 3,500 ft over any copper or coaxial cable.
Designed & Made in the USA !

Enable-IT 865 PRO 100Mbps Full Duplex Ethernet Extender Kit

Gigabit PoE and
Ethernet Extenders

Gigabit PoE Ethernet Extenders – Three models available. Power and extend two seperate PoE IP devices up to 2,000 ft (600 m) away.
Designed & Made in the USA !

Enable-IT 828 1000mbps Full Duplex Ethernet Extender unit wired

Commercial Grade
LAN & PoE Extenders

Quickly extend PoE IP security cameras, PoE WiFi Access Points (AP) or VoIP phones up to 1,600 ft (487 m) in minutes – Plug and Go.
Designed & Made in the USA !

Enable-IT 820 15Mbps Unpowered Full Duplex PoE & Ethernet Extender Kit

Weatherproof Ethernet
and PoE Extenders

Ideal for outdoor installations for any PoE device. IP67 Rated weatherproof enclosures. Gigabit, PoE, 100Mbs or 15Mbps Ethernet Extenders
Designed & Made in the USA !

Enable-IT 828WP Weatherproof Gigabit PoE Extender Kit