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ThyssenKrupp Elevators
A Place Where Efficiency is Always Going Up

Key Benefits

  • Improved Guest Safety – Faster and more accurate data delivery greatly enhances elevator monitoring.
  • Improved Guest Relations – Faster data delivery accelerates various elevator operations and reduces stressful waits.
  • Monetary Savings – Low cost of unit is matched by energy efficiency.

The Challenge

Day and night, twelve modern elevators had been whisking passengers to offices on the various floors of a particular Miami, Florida high-rise. But ThyssenKrupp, builders of this sophisticated elevator system, believed they could make a good thing even better. Faster communications would improve a number of important operations associated with the elevators. These operations included a card reader system that confirms passenger identities; a card reader override system that gives clearance to authorized visitors; calls to elevator cars; a floor security monitoring system; and an emergency stop switch control.

The existing system that controlled these functions extended from a CPU located at roof level to a computer console 1200 ft. below in the lobby, well beyond Ethernet’s distance limit of 328 ft. To achieve its new goal, ThyssenKrupp required a means of accelerating data delivery along the 1200 ft. communications channel that controlled all the intricate elevator operations. Ethernet extenders would be needed. 

Discovering the Solution

Fortunately, ThyssenKrupp didn’t have to look far for a suitable solution. Enable-IT had already provided Ethernet extenders for another company project. The results were stellar. Inspired by a flurry of internal recommendations, project management confidently secured a set of Enable-IT 860 units for the current task. They were ready to take things to the next level.


Utilizing the guidance of Enable-IT’s very accessible support team, ThyssenKrupp installed the 860’s – one set at roof level functioning as transmitters, and the other near the lobby computer serving as receivers. ThyssenKrupp was particularly impressed by the ‘plug and play’ ease of installation. Thanks to the help of the support team, the entire system was ready in a matter of hours.

Exceeding Expectations

Once the system was up and running, ThyssenKrupp estimated that speed of operations tripled. Tasks such as overriding security codes and registering car calls were now blazing along in record time. The ultimate result was a tremendous satisfaction jump for everyone impacted by the improved system -- ThyssenKrupp, the company’s customers, and, of course, the elevator travelers themselves.
Based on this and previous experiences with Enable-IT products, ThyssenKrupp emphasized that they definitely would purchase additional units from the company as the need arises. Combing high speed with low cost, Enable-IT products are definitely the way to keep efficiency going up.   

Product Used

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