What is the difference between the CO and CPE labeled units? And where do they go? (1 post)

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    The designation of CO and CPE labels are a Telco Carrier industry terminology.

    CO – (Central Office Equipment)
    The equipment residing at the Carrier Telephone office or the head end of a circuit.

    CPE – (Customer Premise Equipment)
    The equipment residing on the customer side of a circuit.

    We use the designations for shipping, RMA repair only as they have no bearing on placement/performance for our Ethernet Extenders. Typically you would place the CPE at the remote end and the CO at the local end for reference only.

    Customers that order several pairs of like Ethernet Extenders and mix up the pairs will need to know that only CPE’s talk to CO’s. Like units CO to CO and CPE to CPE will not sync as the programming is different on each.